Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Research Area

Targeting Sphingoshine (SP) receptor for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and P-glycoprotein to discover new anticancer agents for prostate cancer, Multi drug resistant (MDR) cancer

Development of new process for API/KSM and Flow Chemistry

Development of novel inhibitors of Sortase A for attenuating the virulence of Staphylococcus aureus”

Semi-synthesis of Indolizine, Pyrrolo Quinoline/Isoquinoline based natural product hybrids via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition

N2 Fixation by Heterobimetallic Complexes under Visible Light for the Access of Organonitrogen Compounds as Potential Biological Targets

Live cell fluorescent labelling of Withaferin A targeted protein and their proteomics analysis

Oligonucletide, RNA, DNA and solid phase synthesis eureka

Department of Natural Products

Research Activities

Natural products drug discovery (bioactive natural products)

Extraction, isolation, identification, structural modification (synthesis), bioactivity and mode of action of pharmaceutically important natural products

Bioassay guided approach

Metabolomics of medicinal plants

Development of bioassays for screening plant extracts and isolated compounds

Genome Analysis (transcriptome, proteome, metabolome)

Metabolite Profiling

Herb-Drug Pharmacokinetic interaction

Standardization of Phytopharmaceuticals using LC-MS, HPLC

Drug Metabolism of Phytopharmaceuticals

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Research Activities

Development of animal models for human diseases such as Diabetes mellitus, Non alcoholic steatohepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, neurological disorders

Scientific evidence for Indian traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Siddha, etc.

Toxicity studies of phtochemicals and synthetic molecules using C. elegans as assay system and rodents

Exosomes as disease markers and drug delivery agents against various cancer models

Gene and protein expression studies

Diabetes and Diabetic complications

Chemotherapy induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Trauma induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Department of Pharmacoinformatics

Research Activities

Target identification

Virtual screening of natural compounds and chemical databases against important targets for hit identification

Ligand-based techniques



Ligand based pharmacophore mapping

Structure-based techniques

Homology modelling


Target based pharmacophore mapping

Molecular dynamic simulation

ADME prediction

Electronic structure analysis

Quantum chemical studies of metabolic reaction pathways

Quantum chemical studies of organic reactions (Computation of transition state, energy of reaction, energy of activation)

Machine learning and deep learning approaches

Department of Pharmaceutics

Development of conventional dosage forms including parenteral, biologics for domestic market and later for regulated international markets.

Cater the analytical needs of small scale pharmaceutical industries through its well-developed analytical service facility.

Light activated dual drug delivery systems.

Novel formulations for delivering of drugs to back of the eye .

Microneedles for delivery of biomolecules .

Department of Medical Devices

Research Activities

Characterization of novel biomaterials from natural biowastes

Fabrication of customized implants

Hydrogel and medical textiles for wound healing and hemostasis

Surface modification, antimicrobial coating of medical devices

Bone, skin and cartilage tissue engineering

In vitro diagnostics (IVD) based on fluorescent probes and enzyme immobilization

Micro/nanodevices for drug delivery, cancer theranostics, live cell imaging

3D Bioprinting and Electrospinning

Piezoelectric nanomaterials for neo-tissue regeneration

Drug-Device combination products