User Charge For Various Instrumental Analysis at NIPER Kolkata

Name of the Bank CANARA BANK
Branch Name & Bank Code SALT LAKE CITY, KOLKATA (2549)
Address of Bank with PIN Code GC 188, SECTOR – III, SALT LAKE CITY, KOLKATA – 700 091, West Bengal
Telephone No. of the Bank 033-2358-5585
Name of the Account NIPER-KOLKATA
Account Type (Tick One) Savings
Account Number 0980101024740
Bank Branch IFSC Code CNRB0002549
Bank Branch MICR Code 700015036

Online money transfer proof copies along with request forms are accepted. User must mention the details of required facility on money transfer proof copy with signature/stamp. The above rates are subjected to revise from time to time. Samples are not recovered unless a special request is made. For this extra charge has to be made. Unstable and explosive samples will not be accepted for analysis. GST 18% is extra on all services.

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Instrument name Charges for institute Charges for industry
Q-Tof LC-HRMS Rs 3200 per sample Rs 6500 per sample
Q-Tof LC-MS profiling with
database matching
Rs 2700 per sample Rs 6500 per sample
Q-Tof LC-MS method
Rs 1100 per sample Rs 2500 per hour
J-1500 CD Spectrophotometer 1st hr. Rs. 1700
Next additional each hr.
Rs. 600
1st hr. Rs. 3400
Next additional each hr. Rs. 1200
HPLC (Shimadzu and Agilent) Qualitative Rs 1100/hr
Quantitative Rs 1200/hr
Preparative Rs 1600/hr
Qualitative Rs 1500/hr
Quantitative Rs 1600/hr
Preparative Rs 2400/hr
FACS (without sorter) Rs 2100 per hour Rs 4200 per hour
NMR (400 MHz;
In your own solvent; Extra cost
required if institute has to
provide solvent depending on
solvent selected)
(Per Sample basis)
13C/DEPT-(for each experiment)
2D (COSY, HSQC, HMBC, NOESY, TOCSY)-(for each experiment)
19F, 31P
D2O exchange

Rs 650/-
Rs 750/-
Rs 1700/-
Rs 850/-
Rs 650/- + Rs 250/-

Rs 1300/-
Rs 1500/-
Rs 3400/-
Rs 1700/-
Rs 1300/- + Rs 500/-
IR Rs 750/- Rs 2500/-