Evaluation :

The student shall be required to take two written examinations for each theory course, one mid-term examination and other end-term examination; For any course, the distribution of marks will be 20% for Mid-term, 20% for internal assessment and 60% for End semester examination;

The student also shall have to undertake laboratory work, workshops and home assignments, which shall be evaluated;

The student shall be awarded Grade on the basis of Mid- and End-Term Examinations, laboratory work, workshop assignment and home assignments;

Where the course has been assigned one lecture every week during the semester, such course shall have the weightage of one credit. However, certain courses can be assigned more than one credit subject to a maximum of three credits;

Where laboratory and experimental course(s) have been assigned five hours every week such course(s) shall have one credit. Where there is need for deviation from this, prior approval of Board of Studies and Research shall be mandatory;

Where a student remains absent in any examination, he or she shall be awarded F grade.

Grading System :

Grade Grade Point Performances
A 10 Outstanding
A(-) 09 Excellent
B 08 Very Good
B(-) 07 Good
C 06 Average
C(-) 05 Below Average
D 04 Marginal
E 02 Poor
F 00 Very Poor
I In Complete
N Audit Pass
NE Audit Fail
W Withdrawal
X Continuation( For Major Projects)
S Satisfactory Completion of Practical Training
Z Non-completion of Practical Training

(Grade Point Average (GPA) = (Number of Credits x Point Grade)). For calculating Grade Point Average (GPA) only those courses including projects will be taken into account, in which the student has been awarded one A, B, C, or D Grade.

Repetition of Examination :

The student shall be permitted repetition of examination in theory courses, in the following cases:

Where the student earns E or F or both grade(s) in not more than two courses, he or she shall be required to repeat the examination. The examination shall be held within 10 days of the last day of the mid-term examination in the following semester;

Where the student does not get E or F grades in any theory course but scores a Cumulative Grade Point Average of less than 6.00, he or she shall be allowed to repeat examination in maximum of two courses to improve the grade;

Where the student has attendance of 75% or more but is unable to appear in the examination in the course(s) on account of the reasons specified for awarding the ‘I’ grade, the student shall be required to appear in the End-semester examination in the semester when the examination for the course is held. The student shall not be required to attend the classes again and shall pursue course(s) of subsequent semester(s)/dissertation;

Where the attendance of the student is less than 75% and is not permitted to appear in the examination, he/she shall have to repeat the course(s) in the semester when such course(s) is/are offered.

Where the student earns ‘F grade’ in more than two courses in any semester, he or she shall have to discontinue the studies and shall cease to be the student of the Institute;

Where a student otherwise wants to improve his or her Cumulative Grade Point Average, such student shall be permitted to repeat the examination in not more than two theory courses of that semester;

Grade points awarded in repeat examination shall be final;

Grade obtained on account of improvement examination shall be specified in the award list;

The student opting for grade improvement examination shall not be eligible for merit awards. Such student shall rank in merit list below the students who cleared the examination in first attempt.

Cancellation of Registration :

The registration shall be cancelled under any of the following conditions:

1. Where the student absent for a continuous period of four weeks without prior intimation/sanction of leave;
2. Where the student fails to renew registration;
3. Where the student fails to clear the examination;
4. Where the student has committed an act of misconduct/indiscipline;
5. Where academic performance of the student is unsatisfactory;
6. Where the student resigns from the program and his or her resignation has been accepted.

Provided the student will be given an opportunity of being heard before invoking sub-section (1) to (5)

Mid Term Examination :

If a student, in case of any exigency or otherwise remains absent in the Mid Term Examination, the Course Coordinator shall assign 0 marks to the student.

Academic Transcripts:

An academic Transcript is the official Institute record of a student’s results and is printed on NIPER Kolkata Letter Head paper along with attested true copies of all the four semester memos by the Registrar and given in a sealed cover.

A full complimentary Academic Transcript will be forwarded to the Masters students on giving an written application addressing to the Registrar and a payment of Rs.500 for each transcript (via online transfer) .

Students who require an Academic Transcript (on official NIPER Kolkata Letter Head paper) can contact below:

Phone : +91(033)-23200086

Email : ar.niperk@gmail.com

Students who have a sanction or exclusion placed on their record (e.g. outstanding fees, library fines) will not be able to access their results or be provided with an Academic Transcript until they have cleared the sanction or exclusion.

Qualifying Criteria for the award of Master’s Degree :

Master for Pharmacy/Master of Science(Pharm.) :

The requirement for the award of Master Degree shall be minimum 50 credits. Out of this 30 credits shall be for the course work and 20 credits for the project work;

The requirement for the award of Master Degree in Pharmacoinformatics shall be minimum 50 credits. Out of this 36 credits shall be for the course work and 14 credits for the project work;

Qualifying Criteria for the award of Ph.D Degree:

The student with M.S. (Pharm.) degree from this Institute is required to complete Doctoral courses of minimum 12 credits;

The student with qualifications from other Institute is required to complete minimum of 28 credits, out of 28, 16 credits shall be from specialization, and remaining 12 credits shall be Doctoral courses;

The students shall have to obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 6.50;

Where Cumulative Grade Point Average is between 6.00 and 6.50 the student shall have to take more courses to earn Cumulative Grade Average of 6.50;

Where the student earns Cumulative Grade Point Average of less than 6.00, such student shall have to discontinue the program;

Where the student has fulfilled the requirements of theory courses, he or she shall appear in comprehensive examination;

The student shall be allowed two attempts to clear the comprehensive examination. Provide that both the attempts shall not be in the same semester;

Where the student successfully clears the comprehensive examination, his or her provisional registration shall be considered as formal registration for Ph.D. program

The registration period shall not be less than three years. However, in exceptional cases the registration period shall be two years;

On the successful completion of research work, the student shall submit the thesis;

After evaluation of research work and successfully clearing the thesis defence examination, the student shall be eligible for award of degree.