About NIPER Kolkata Hostel

NIPER Kolkata has been provided accommodation at NIPER Hostel located at IC Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700106. Students are provided with to and fro bus service between the Institute and Hostel.

1) Hostel Management Staff

i) Each of the hostels is under the supervision of a Hostel Supervisor, a regular employee of the Institute. A hostel committee nominated by the Director oversees the activities of the hostel.

2) Room allocation and material to be brought

i) Students will occupy the room allotted to them. No change can be made without the written permission of the Hostel Supervisor.

ii) Students are to provide themselves with mattress, quilt, bed linen, mosquito net, plate, cup, tumbler, cutlery, buckets and mug.

3) Hostel Mess

i) Hostel Mess is run by the Hostellers and it is the responsibility of every hostellers for betterment of the Mess.

ii) All hostellers staying in the hostel are compulsorily members of the hostel mess. Two to three mess prefects will take charge of running the mess every month on rotation basis.

iii) Hostellers shall not waste food.

iv) Mess Prefects in consultation with other students shall prepare the food menu every month and give it to cook at least one week in advance.

4) Cleanliness and Discipline

i) Hostellers will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their respective rooms and surroundings. General sweeping and cleaning of toilets will be done by the staff employed for this purpose. However, it will be the responsibility of all hostellers to see that their own rooms and hostel premises are maintained hygienically. In this connection, instructions issued by the hostel management shall be followed scrupulously.

ii) Silence shall be maintained in the hostel after 08.30 p.m. The T.V., tape recorders and transistors will be kept at a low volume so as not to disturb others.

iii) Consumption of alcoholic beverages and intoxicants/drugs/smoking in the hostel is strictly prohibited.

iv) Every student shall deem it her duty to do his/ her best towards the maintenance of discipline, peace, harmony of the hostel. Senior students should set good example to the juniors.

5) Anti-ragging policy

i) The names & telephone numbers of the anti-ragging committee/squad will be displayed on all the notice boards prominently.

ii) No inmate should indulge in any form of ragging.

iii) Any complaints regarding ragging should be brought to the notice of the chairperson of the anti-ragging committee in writing. Particulars of the person giving the complaint will be kept confidential.

iv) Complaints regarding ragging will be viewed seriously and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it.

v) Any student indulging in ragging will be dealt as per the university circular regarding prohibition of ragging in the colleges and hostels which will be put-up on the notice boards.

vi) All hostellers are advised to read the above rules and regulations regarding ragging.

6) Visitors/Visits by Hostellers

i) All hostellers of the hostel will list the names and addresses of the local guardian and other relative. Friends, if any (up to a maximum of two) with whom they may spend an occasional weekend. This information countersigned by the parents should be handed over/posted directly to the Hostel Supervisor within 30 days of joining the hostel. If any change of the address or phone number, the same should be informed to the Hostel Supervisor immediately.

ii) Any temporary vacation /overnight stay out of the hostel or travel outside Kolkata will require prior permission of the Hostel Management in writing. Overstaying, except where unavoidable due to strike, will be reviewed seriously.

iii) No visitor shall stay overnight in the hostel without prior permission of hostel management in writing and shall have to pay the prescribed charges.

7) Replacement of Bulbs and Tubes

Bulbs / tubes inside the rooms, if defective need to be bought by the hostellers for replacement.

8) Lodging of Maintenance Complaints of Hostel:

Complaints pertaining to Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry and any other maintenance complaints of Hostel can be lodged online through a link provided in the Institute website for needful action.

9) Illness/Emergency

In case of medical emergencies, Hostel Supervisor should be informed immediately for necessary action. In case of emergency during night, the Hostel Supervisor may be contacted. Local guardians are also to be contacted immediately.

10) Security

Security is provided to the Ladies hostel throughout day and night, through security staff. Any complaint regarding security arrangements should be brought to the notice of the Hostel Supervisor. Hostellers are directed to take care of their belongings and valuable like jewels, costly gadgets, watches or cash, etc. They are responsible for their belongings. No hosteller is permitted to check the room/ belongings of any other inmate. Such acts, without the permission of the undersigned will result in the dismissal of the student/ hosteller from the hostel.

11) Vehicle parking

No Vehicle parking space is provided to the vehicles of the hostellers and visitors in the Hostel. Hostel Management is not responsible for their vehicle parked in the Hostel Premises.

12) Receiving personal deliveries, food, mail etc.

Hostel Management is not responsible for receiving of deliveries of online/ offline orders made by the Hostellers. Students should make their own arrangements for receiving of such order deliveries.

13) General Instructions

i) All Hostellers are advised to switch off fans and lights before leaving the room.

ii) Hostellers are not allowed to carry the newspapers and magazines purchased for the hostel by Institute to the rooms.

iii) The hostellers should not entertain/ accommodate outsiders in the hostel without permission.

iv) In case of any emergency (e.g. health problem), the local guardian is responsible to take care/ charge of the ward/hosteller.

v) The latest phone number and e-mail id of all students is to be made available to the hostel management

Any matter that is not covered in the above rules and regulations may be incorporated from time to time by the Hostel Management with the approval of the Competent Authority. The decision of the Director, in consultation with the Hostel Committee, will be final in all matters pertaining to the hostels.

For violation of any of the above, action will be taken as follows:

One oral warning will be issued to the concerned individual.

If any inmate is found to violate any rule a second time the matter will be brought to the notice of the Hostel Committee and a written warning will be issued with a copy to the parent/ guardian and an explanation sought.

Further violating rules will result in rustication/vacation of the student from the hostel without any further warnings either to the student or to the parent/ guardian with a copy of the order.

The students will be responsible for their activities outside the hostel

Contact Information:

Shri S. Sarth Babu

Guest House & Hostel Supervisor (In-Charge)